About Lefthand Coaching

It’s time to Grow You, to Grow Your Business

Running a business takes less time than you think

With increasing competition and evolving technologies, you can no longer rely on outdated approaches to accomplish your business goals.

No matter where your business stands today, it’s time to take your business to the next level

You need a mentor that helps you answer – How Do I Make Money in My Business, and How Can I sell my Business for a Fantastic profit?


LeftHand Coaching is a professional coaching practice owned by Steffanie Anderson, a renowned business owner, a self-made entrepreneur, and professional life and business coach for years.

Over the last 30 years, Steffanie has seen numerous businesses exponentially grow and succeed, while other businesses worsen and fail miserably, with debts, bankruptcies, and loss of the owner’s investment and livelihood 

About Steffanie Anderson

Steffanie Anderson is the inventor of her Business REWorked Program.

She employs practical business strategies that have helped small businesses and entrepreneurs, including businesses she owns or has owned to achieve growth only dreamed of prior.

As a private consultant, Steffanie has coached business owners and Entrepreneurs to focus on the winning products and services, taught the language of your numbers and built your business on a platform that will streamline & grow your business in a predictable manner.

She is the former owner of Business Cents, an accounting and Quickbooks consulting firm. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce, Intuit US Firm of the Future and has started two additional businesses during the past year.

We Turn Your High Hopes Into Reality For Your Business!

Over the years of consulting thousands of businesses, I began to see my passion and knowledge of business. I give practical skills to separate the noise from actual key areas to focus on to skyrocket business growth.

We need to become clear on priorities and understanding our business first, then where to focus becomes easier. There is so much noise in our world and a few key areas that have the most impact

Whether you’re a struggling business owner or have failed in the past, LeftHand coaching is at your side.

From transforming your business mindset and improving customer retention to providing result-driven solutions and meeting your end-to-end business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Knock on our door now and step into an ever-changing world of business that requires modern solutions.